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Non-discrimination and Harassment Policy

The policy is based on the corresponding terms of the United Nations Convention of  “21 December 1965 on the Abolition of All Forms of Discrimination”, “the European Convention on the Defense of Human Rights in Educational institutions” 21 December 1995,   as well as the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Act of 19 May 2009 and “Law and Policy about government employees” Study, numbered 833-IIIQ.

This policy officially forbids all kinds of discrimination and harassment at Azerbaijan Technical University.

The University applies to all members of the University, including students, faculty, staff and senior management, is committed to the principle of non-discrimination. It aims to prevent any form of negative discrimination against individuals and groups of individuals, and it fosters equity and diversity.

The University’s NDAH Policy is under the purview of the Law Office.

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