Education on Sustainability at Azerbaijan Technical University

Adherent to sustainable development priorities in both national and international context, Azerbaijan Technical University fosters the SDGs through teaching and research. To provide the hands-on knowledge on SDGs, the relevant subjects on SDGs have been included in the curriculum. There are 3 group of specialties with 6 sub-specialties taught at the master`s and bachelor levels at the Azerbaijan Technical University. Education on sustainable development provide learners with the knowledge and skills deal with global challenges including climate changes, unsustainable use of resources, inequality, loss of biodiversity and etc. Click Here.

Today`s environmental situation is one of the most global problems in the world, and environmental problems continue to increase day by day. To solve the growing problems, specialist with relevant knowledge and skills are required. Ecologists and Ecological Engineers are such specialists. There is a great demand for people studying and improving their qualifications in the field of ecology in Azerbaijan, and the prospects of the field in our country are very great.

Specialty – Environmental engineering


·        Environmental protection and efficient use of natural resources

·        Conservation of natural resources and recycling

·        Transportation ecology

·        Environmental protection in petrochemical industry


The main task of a chemical engineer is to plan the stages and choose production methods so that the result is a high-quality product with the desired properties. While chemical engineers work on the processes to make all these products, they also help manage the world`s resources, protect the environment, and ensure health and safety standards.

Specialty – Recycling and Recovery Technologies

Sub-specialty – Metallurgical waste recycling technologies Health & safety activities, as a field based on scientific knowledge, includes theoretical and practical rules for protecting people from dangerous and harmful factors in all fields of activity, and aims to protect their safety and health in their living environment. It is included in the safety of life activities.

Specialty – Emergency and Health & Safety Engineering

Sub-specialty – Health & Safety Protection

The specialty “Management” in master’s level has the “Labor economics and sustainable human development” subject in its curriculum. Click Here. The objective is to consider the sustainable development in human context for future managers.

Sustainable development has been a paramount agenda for businesses throughout the world.

Sustainability in business context covers efficient resource consumption, environmental protection, The MBA Program of the International Business School has the following subjects on sustainable development. Click Here.

·        Energy and environment

·        Green economy

·        Energy management

·        Human development methodologies

·        Health and Safety Fundamentals

·        Green supply chain management