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Health, Welfare and Safety Policy

“Azerbaijan Technical University (hereinafter – AzTU) Healthy, Welfare and Safety Policy was prepared on the basis of the protection of the health and safety of students, the Development Program of the International Nations (2015-2030), the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan , on the relevant provisions of the Labor Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated June 19, 2009, No. 833-IIIQ on Education.

This “Document” guards all forms of healthy life, welfare and safety in AzTU.

The modern higher education system at Azerbaijan Technical University undertakes the responsibility to direct the maximum development of personality, talent, mental and physical abilities, to prepare young people for an active adult life in a free society, to inculcate responsibility for their immediate environment and the future of society as a whole, and to form important life values.