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Management Policy

The Management Policy of the Azerbaijan Technical University (AzTU) is a document that establishes the foundation for a management system rooted in the principles of transparency, honesty, impartiality and digitalization. It emphasizes a collective decision-making, transparent authority distribution ensuring effective, future development.

In drafting this document, reference was made to several foundational texts and directives including the “Laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan on Education” and “On Science,” alongside other relevant legislative frameworks, presidential decrees, and orders. Additionally, it draws upon resolutions and mandates issued by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Further grounding for this document is provided by the “Standards and Recommendations for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area” (ESG), the “State Strategy for Education Development in the Republic of Azerbaijan,” as well as various collegiate decisions, guidelines, directives, and orders from the Ministry concerning science and education. It also incorporates relevant regulatory and legal provisions, decisions from the Academic Council of AzTU, and directives from the rector of AzTU that cover education, science, innovation, and the administrative and legal regulations in force within these domains. The Charter of AzTU lays the foundation for the economic and social activities described in this document, ensuring alignment with the fundamental legal and regulatory framework governing higher education and related sectors in the Republic of Azerbaijan.

This “Document” outlines the fundamental principles and guidelines for policy implementation management at AzTU.