Azerbaijan Technical University, CRENG SO

For successful integration to global transport network, providing high level transport services to both PCs and global community in the condition of uncertain continuous evolution of global supply chains, it is necessary to take into account European experience and support implementation of crisis and risks engineering for transport services (CRENG) of all levels (local, regional, national) in UA, AZ, TM. But now it is luck of high skilled specialists in CRENG in PCs. Project contribute CRENG development in PCs by creating of educational environment of high skilled specialists demanded by labor market, in line with EU best practices and Bologna process. Environment will include: new innovative MA program “CRENG”; educational materials on new developed curricula published, uploaded to the web-based platform; e-learning courses uploaded to the MOODLE platform; innovative laboratories (CRENG Labs), where students will acquire practical skills on using intelligence, digital and information technologies for CRENG; new teaching and learning approaches International Project Based Learning (IPBL) and Skills Wallet (SW). IPBL involves dynamic classroom approach in which group of international students will solve problems of global supply chains under conditions of risks and crisis. By IPBL graduates will acquire global business communication, management and English skills. SW is method of interaction between HEIs and employers, which helps graduates to acquire specific skills required by labor market. The main advantages of SW are: making universities and enterprises to become closer by mutual developing of educational content; increasing employability of graduates; making enterprises more flexible to implementation of innovations. To support IPBL and SW, disseminate knowledge on CRENG the network of CRENG Service Offices will be created as the background of established interaction between academia, industry, business and governments in PCs an EU.