Institute for Sustainable Development

Institute for Sustainable Development

The Institute of Sustainable Development was established by the order of the Rector of Azerbaijan Technical University No. 325 Sh(s) dated September 8, 2021.

Main activities of the institute

- conducting research in economic and social development, regional and infrastructure, information economy, forecasting, innovation and other directions;

- to ensure that the results of scientific research works are applied to the production and teaching process, including lectures, workshops, seminars, laboratory classes, graduation works, master's theses;

- to organize publication in the form of scientific articles, monographs, textbooks, teaching aids, methodical aids and reporting and distribution in scientific forums;

- to contribute to the improvement of the organization and management of education as a result of scientific research, to establish the educational process with modern methods;

- organizing and coordinating the scientific-research and scientific-educational work of the professor-teacher staff of the departments;

- organizing and implementing activities in the field of training highly qualified scientific and pedagogical personnel.

Goals and objectives of the Institute of Sustainable Development

- implementation of the priority issues set before the university, raising the level of fundamental, applied research and technical inventions of professors and teaching staff, and raising the scientific-research activity of the departments;

- conducting observation, examination and surveys in order to conduct economic and social measurements in the direction of priority issues of the university. Processing and analyzing survey data and statistical databases using modern software, drawing up reports;

- current problems of the national economy, including sustainable development, macroeconomic regulation, achieving development in the directions of the regulation of the economy in the sectoral, social and regional order, the development trends of the global economy and the assessment of the regional economic relations and regional position of Azerbaijan, forecasting national and global economic development, social- the concept of economic development, conducting social research, researching the labor market, organizing expert and consulting services, preparing economic analyses;

- involvement of professors and teaching staff, bachelor's, master's and doctoral students, training of highly qualified scientific-pedagogical personnel for the protection and development of the university's scientific and technical potential.