Student Youth Organization

According to the Decree dated February 15, 2005, by the Executive Office of the  President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Student Youth Organizations were established to improve the work with young people and students in all higher and secondary educational institutions in the Republic of Azerbaijan. The Student Youth Organization was founded in 2005 at Azerbaijan Technical University. The Student Youth Organization ensures the active participation of students in public life, united based on common interests and the principle of volunteerism. The organisation operates following the Constitution and laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the decisions, orders and recommendations of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Ministry of Education, the Regulations and requirements of the Union of Student Youth Organizations of Azerbaijan, as well as the Regulations of the organisation.

The main tasks of the organisation:

• carrying out work towards the solution of students' social problems;

• promote educational work among students;

• effective organisation of students' measure time;

• protecting and ensuring students' rights;

• ensuring the development of talented and creative students in competitions,

Olympiads, and exhibitions held inside and outside the republic;

• implementation of preventive measures against drug addiction, alcoholism, criminality, immorality and other negative tendencies among students;

• organisation of competitions, seminars, festivals, forums, meetings, exhibitions, actions, round tables, scientific conferences, training courses, mass propaganda companies, discussion clubs, discussions, symposia, and meetings with eminent persons with the participation of students.