Institute of Industrial Design and Technology

Institute of Industrial Design and Technology

The Institute of Industrial Design and Technology was established based on the decision of the Scientific Council of Azerbaijan Technical University (AzTU) dated February 3, 2021.

The purpose of the institute is to conduct applied research based on scientific and technological principles in the field of industrial design and the development of new technologies, as well as to support technological development in this field. Additionally, it aims to conduct fundamental and applied research in the field of modern design and technology, recruit and coordinate leading specialists in this field for research work, monitor and explore opportunities for the application of foreign technologies, research, and development activities that are essential for achieving the goal. It also involves assisting in the organization of education based on projects in the fields of industrial design and technology and actively participating in the preparation of highly qualified research-oriented personnel specialized in industrial design and technology.

1. Project works:

Master plan;

Sketch design;

Architectural design;

Construction design;

Electrical and communication design;

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning design;

Video surveillance;

Fire extinguishing and alarm system design;

Water supply and sewage design (internal and external networks).

2. Institutional layout and 3D modeling:

Layout of plants and factories;

Preparation of layout plans for internal equipment of institutions;

Preparation of technological layouts and P&ID (Process and Instrumentation Diagrams);

Calculation and layout of supply systems (water, gas, air, etc.).

3. Logistics center and warehouse layout:

Planning and layout of logistics cold and regular warehouses;

Planning of rack system for logistics warehouses, creation of diagrams based on product flow, and preparation of corresponding shelf layout schemes;

Layout of controlled atmosphere warehouses;

Calculation of compressors and other cooling units.

4. Provision of technical equipment for project-oriented production and non-production areas:

Preparation of initial technical requirements for the selection of equipment;

Preparation of alternative solutions for technical issues required until the procurement stage.