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Master of Business Administration (MBA) program

Master of Business Administration (MBA) program is the most popular and prestigious master's degree program available all over the world, organized for students to develop their skills in business, management, finance, marketing areas. The program gives qualified specialists with higher education the right to improve their leadership qualities, to teach systematic knowledge, business management skills and to continuously increase their qualifications, to study modern business information, to acquire the ability, to think analytically and make decisions, and enables them to hold responsible positions in the management of enterprises and organizations.

MBA program was established at Azerbaijan Technical University in May 2021. In the commencement year, MBA program had 1 specialty and 8 specializations. In 2022, 3 more specializations were opened (https://www.aztu.edu.az/sub_site/en/yuksek-tehsil-institutu-83/page/beynelxalq-biznes-mektebi-753).   

In the 2021/2022 academic year, 191 students were admitted to MBA Program and 178 students were graduated in 2023.

In the 2022/2023 academic year, 298 students (3 of them foreigners) were admitted and 293 students are currently studying. 157 of them are women and 136 of them are men.

In the academic year 2023/2024, 427 students (4 of them are foreign) were admitted and currently 431 students are studying. 197 of them are women and 234 of them are men.

So, if you want to work abroad or in an international company, to rise in business or if you want to deepen your theoretical and practical knowledge in marketing, management and economics field, getting an MBA degree at AzTU-Business International School is the best opportunity for your future. The languages of instructions at MBA Program are Azerbaijani and English languages, and the duration of education lasts for 2 years. Education in the MBA program is fee-based and the tuition fee is 2,500 AZN for citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and 2,500 US dollars for foreign citizens. Currently, the total number of foreign students are 7 at the MBA Program. They are from Turkey, Georgia, India, Nigeria and Iraq.

Most lecturers of MBA Program are from relevant industries who have Western education. They provide students opportunities to combine both theoretical and practical knowledges.

At present, there are 1 speciality and 13 specializations in the MBA program.

Specialty – Master of Business Administration


1. Management (taught in Azerbaijani and English)

2. Marketing (taught in Azerbaijani and English)

3. Risk Management (taught in Azerbaijani)

4. Engineering and Management Risks (taught in Azerbaijani and English)

5. International Logistics and Supply Chain Management (taught in Azerbaijani and English)

7. Cybersecurity (taught in Azerbaijani and English)

8. International Business (taught in Azerbaijani and English)

9. Health Management (taught in Azerbaijani and English)

10. Business and Data Analytics (taught in Azerbaijani and English)

11. Human Resources Management (taught in Azerbaijani and English)

12. Energy Management (taught in Azerbaijani and English)