Power Engineering and Automatics

Faculty presentation

The Faculty of Power Engineering and Automation was established in 1964 under the name of Electrical Engineering at the Azerbaijan Polytechnic Institute named after C. Ildırım (now Azerbaijan Technical University) to meet the needs of engineering personnel of the appropriate industrial enterprises operating in our country. Since 2001, the faculty has been named the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Energy. In recent years radical changes in the economy of the country, intellectualization of energy management, solving environmental problems and revising the personnel training strategy of integrating green energy technologies into the energy system created the need to make changes and expand the structure of the faculty. In 2021 the Scientific Council of the university discussed these issues and made certain structural changes in the faculty and by the decision of the Scientific Council the faculty was called Energetics and Automation.

Education is conducted in Azerbaijani and russian.

In the laboratories of the departments under the faculty accoutered with modern equipment, scientific-research works have been carried out in the following directions: 

Calculation and coordination of mode parameters of electrical systems; 

· Intellectualization of management of normal and emergency modes of the energy system; 

· Increasing the stability of the energy system; 

· Study of quality indicators of electric energy; 

· Problems of integration of green energy technologies into the energy system; 

· Relay protection of the energy system, mode and anti-accident automation; 

· Working out the physical and technical basis of creating composite dielectrics; 

· Alternative and renewable energy sources; 

· Energy efficiency and energy saving; 

· Acquisition and use of composite materials; 

· Electronic materials science, converter techniques, electronic systems and technologies; 

· High technologies in device manufacturing; 

· Development of piezoelectric motors and study of their characteristics; 

· Research of thermal-physical properties of geothermal waters of Azerbaijan; 

· Study of thermodynamic and transfer properties of substances at high pressures; 

· Creating a device for calculating parameters and researching work processes in refrigerating machines and compressors; 

· Study of electric circuits with distributed parameters; 

· Study of switching processes in linear and non-linear electric circuits; 

· Research of the electromagnetic field in industrial facilities; 

· Modeling, analysis and synthesis of electric circuits.