Mechanical Engineering and Robotics

About the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics

The faculty was established in 1964 under the name of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the Azerbaijan Polytechnic Institute (now Azerbaijan Technical University) named after

C. Ildırım in order to meet the need for engineering personnel of the relevant industrial enterprises operating in our country. After the Republic of Azerbaijan gained its independence, the faculty was greatly expanded in accordance with the new modern specialities and it was crucial to make significant changes in the structure of the faculty. Hence the faculty was named "Mechanical Engineering and Robotics" from 2019 by the decision of the Scientific Council of AzTU No. 01 dated 02.10.2019.
The purpose and duties of the faculty:
The faculty aims to ensure the training of highly qualified engineering personnel, taking into account the current and prospective needs of enterprises operating in various spheres of industry. 
Duties of the faculty:

• Preparation of highly qualified personnel according to the needs of enterprises operating in various fields of industry;

• Implementation of additional education of the existing personnel potential of industrial enterprises taking into account the development prospects of technique and technology;

• Fulfilling joint scientific-research works with industrial enterprises, scientific and industrial associations, providing scientific and innovative activities and implementing the results obtained at the domestic and international level of the republic; 

• Ensuring the participation of employees and students in international exchange and mobility programs together with specialized departments;

• Implementation of coordination of specialized departments operating under the faculty.