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Admission of foreigners to higher education institutions is conducted through https://portal.edu.az/
Documents required for the registration on the portal are:
1. Passport scan;
2. General health certificate, including the certificate on not being a carrier of AIDS, Hepatitis B and C viruses;
3. Legalized (apostilled) document on previous education, such as diploma, along with the academic transcript;
4. Language proficiency certificate (desirable);
Language proficiency certificate for Azerbaijani or Russian languages (if available);
Certificate of English language proficiency (minimum score of 5.5 in IELTS or 50 in TOEFL for undergraduate level, minimum score of 6.5 in IELTS or 70 in TOEFL for further education levels, if available). Citizens of countries where the official language is English are exempt from this requirement. After submitting your application through the portal, it is reviewed by the relevant department of the university, and if you meet admission criteria, you will receive a Conditional Letter of Acceptance that outlines the conditions you must fulfill, such as submitting additional documents and attending the interview with the participation of the Admissions Committee members. The interview is conducted to determine the level of language proficiency of the candidate for a specific program. Applicants who fail to meet the language proficiency requirements can apply for the Foundation Courses offered by the university. These programs provide intensive language training in Azerbaijani, Russian, or English.
After receiving the Letter of Acceptance, foreign students can apply for a student visa on the basis of application of the educational institutions. Within 3 days of arrival in Azerbaijan they must submit the original copies of listed documents below to International Relations Office of Azerbaijan Technical University for the completion of the admission process:
  • -Legalized (apostilled) version of the previous education document and academic transcript;
  • -Document on previous education and academic transcript translated into Azerbaijani and duly notarized;
  • -Copy of a valid foreign passport (with a validity period of at least one year from the indicated date);
  • -General health certificate, including the certificate on not being a carrier of AIDS, Hepatitis B and C viruses. The health certificate can be obtained in the applicant's home country (in English) or from local medical centers in Azerbaijan;
  • -Language proficiency certificate (if available);
  • -Certificate of English language proficiency (minimum score of 5.5 in IELTS or 50 in TOEFL for undergraduate level, minimum score of 6.5 in IELTS or 70 in TOEFL for further education levels, if available). Please note that the applicants are exempt from this requirement whose citizenship belong to a country where the official language is English.
  • -10 photos of size 3x4 cm (taken in last 6 months);
  • -Copy of the student visa;
  • -Copy of the residence document where the student is temporarily registered.
After receiving the Letter of Acceptance from the education institution, foreign students can apply for a scientific or educational (student) visa at either the Azerbaijani embassy or consulate in their home country or through the online “ASAN Visa” system. The countries eligible for e-visas are listed on the official website of the "ASAN Visa" system.
The link to the website: https://evisa.gov.az/en/countries


Foreigners who stay in the Republic of Azerbaijan temporarily for more than 15 days have to register at their place of stay. Within 15 days (within 30 days for citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan) after arrival in the country, foreigner have to apply via electronic services of the official website of the State Migration Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan (https://www.migration.gov.az/) and e-mail (qeydiyyat@migration.gov.az) or in person to regional migration departments, or "ASAN service" centers. When a foreigner or stateless person changes his/her place of stay, he/she has to register at the new place of stay within 5 days. If foreigner or stateless person stays temporarily at the other apartment (dwelling) of owned his/her landlord is registered, re-registration at new place of stay shall not be required.


Foundation course: 950 USD
Undergraduate programs: full-time-1450 USD/part-time: 1200 USD
Master programs: 1450 USD
Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs: 2500 USD


Foundation courses, also known as preparatory courses, are educational programs designed to provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in higher education. These courses provide individuals background education and trainings for their proficiency in a specific language. The course lasts for 1 year and finishes with final exam. Students receive the Certificate of Completion of the Foundation Course (for international students) upon successfully passing final exams.


The Faculty of Transportation and Logistics
  • • Transportation Engineering (Azerbaijani)
  • • Transport services (Azerbaijani)
  • • Logistics and Transportation Technologies Engineering (Azerbaijani, Russian)
The Faculty of Electric Power Engineering and Automatics
  • • Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Azerbaijani)
  • • Power Engineering (Azerbaijani)
  • • Engineering physics (Azerbaijani)
  • • Process Automation Engineering (Azerbaijani, Russian)
The Faculty of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
  • • Ecological Engineering (Azerbaijani)
  • • Safety Engineering (Azerbaijani)
  • • Mining Engineering (Azerbaijani)
  • • Chemical Engineering (Azerbaijani)
  • • Metallurgy Engineering (Azerbaijani, Russian)
  • • Materials Engineering (Azerbaijani)
The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics
  • • Equipment Engineering (Azerbaijani)
  • • Machine Engineering (Azerbaijani, Russian)
  • • Mechanical Engineering (Azerbaijani)
  • • Mechatronic and Robotic Engineering (Azerbaijani)
  • • Food Engineering (Azerbaijani)
  • • Industrial Engineering (Azerbaijani)
The Faculty of Information and Communication Technologies
  • • Computer Sciences (Azerbaijani)
  • • Computer Engineering (Azerbaijani, Russian)
  • • Information Security (Azerbaijani, Russian)
  • • Radio and Telecommunication Engineering (Azerbaijani, English, Russian)
  • • Information Technologies (Azerbaijani, Russian)
The Faculty of Economics and Management
  • • International Trade and Logistics (Azerbaijani)
  • • Business Management (Azerbaijani, English)
  • • Economics (Azerbaijani, English)
  • • Marketing (Azerbaijani)
  • • Management (Azerbaijani, English)
  • • Statistics (Azerbaijani)


  • • Industrial Organization and Management (Azerbaijani, Russian)
  • • Management (Azerbaijani, Russian)
  • • Business Management (Azerbaijani)
  • • Computer Sciences (Azerbaijani, Russian)
  • • Materials Science and Engineering (Azerbaijani)
  • • Mining Engineering (Azerbaijani)
  • • Electrical and Power Engineering (Azerbaijani, English, Russian)
  • • Thermal Power Engineering (Azerbaijani, English)
  • • Energy Machinery Engineering (Azerbaijani)
  • • Metallurgy Engineering (Azerbaijani)
  • • Machine Engineering (Azerbaijani, Russian)
  • • Railway Transportation Engineering (Azerbaijani, English)
  • • Ground Vehicle Engineering (Azerbaijani)
  • • Organization and Management in Transportation (Azerbaijani, Russian)
  • • Engineering of Equipment Manufacturing (Azerbaijani)
  • • Engineering of Technological Machines and Equipment (Azerbaijani)
  • • Electrical Engineering (Azerbaijani)
  • • Electronics, Telecommunications, and Radio Engineering (Azerbaijani, Russian)
  • • Process Automation Engineering (Azerbaijani, Russian)
  • • Mechatronics and Robotics Engineering (Azerbaijani)
  • • Mechanical Engineering (Azerbaijani, Russian)
  • • Computer Engineering (Azerbaijani, Russian)
  • • Engineering of Information Technologies and Systems (Azerbaijani, Russian)
  • • Chemical Engineering (Azerbaijani)
  • • Food Engineering (Azerbaijani)
  • • Polygraph Engineering (Azerbaijani)
  • • Remanufacturing and Restoration Technology Engineering (Azerbaijani)
  • • Metrology, Standardization And Certification Engineering (Azerbaijani)
  • • Biomedical Engineering (Azerbaijani)
  • • Ecological Engineering (Azerbaijani)
  • • Emergency And Life Safety Engineering (Azerbaijani)
  • • Transport services (Azerbaijani)


Business Management
  • • MBA in Engineering and Management Risks (Azerbaijani, English)
  • • MBA in Risk Management (Azerbaijani)
  • • MBA in Marketing (Azerbaijani, English)
  • • MBA in Management (Azerbaijani, English)
  • • MBA in Cyber Security (Azerbaijani, English)
  • • MBA in International Business (Azerbaijani, English)
  • • MBA in Business and Data Analytics (Azerbaijani, English)
  • • MBA in International Logistics and Supply Chain Management (Azerbaijani, English)
  • • MBA in Healthcare Management (Azerbaijani, English)
  • • MBA in Energy Management (Azerbaijani, English)
  • • MBA in Human Resource Management (Azerbaijani, English)

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