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Home page News "Nokia" has opened a laboratory in AzTU

"Nokia" has opened a laboratory in AzTU

24.04.2024     1454     AzTU

The Azerbaijan Technical University (AzTU) has once again made a breakthrough. With the initiative of the Innovation and Digital Development Agency, the company "Nokia" has opened a laboratory in AzTU. The new xPON laboratory, which started its activities at the Faculty of Information and Communication Technologies of AzTU, is fully equipped by "Nokia." It is worth noting that the xPON technology allows for transmission for 5G stations at lower financial costs.

The opening ceremony was attended by AzTU, the Innovation and Digital Development Agency, the Information and Communication Technologies Agency, the regional and Azerbaijani leadership of "Nokia," numerous company executives, and other guests. They closely acquainted themselves with the conditions created in the laboratory.

Providing information about the laboratory, the head of AzTU's Radio Engineering and Telecommunication Department, Mehman Huseynov, stated that 5G is not only related to mobile technologies but is also extensively used for managing modern smart homes, healthcare, transportation, military, and industrial devices. The purpose of opening the laboratory is to prepare local professionals to meet the demands of the labor market. Research in the relevant direction will also be conducted in the laboratory.

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