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Ana səhifə Xəbərlər Distinguished Students of AzTU have been Awarded

Distinguished Students of AzTU have been Awarded

09.02.2017     288     Arxiv


On February 7, a specialist of the Activities and Business Communities at “Azerfon” LLC Nurana Aliyeva visited AzTU and met with the students distinguished in education.

During the meeting, the Vice Rector of AzTU Isa Khalilov speaking about the cooperation between the University  and “Azerfon” LLC said thatin particular, a great success has been achieved in the preparation of specialists in the switching systems.Reminding the students that, as Azerbaijan is a transit country, the vice rector noted that the status of a transit country in the field of communication should also be provided and developed.

Then, the students were presented special gifts of “Azerfon” LLC.

Addressing the students Dean of the faculty “Radio Engineering and Telecommunication” Bayram Ibrahimov and Head of the department “Telecommunication Networks and Switching Systems”Elchin Gozalovwished them further success and thanked  the management of Nar Mobile.

It should be noted that, on April 14, 2016, as part of the joint operating agreement signed between “Azerfon” LLC and Azerbaijan Technical University, students distinguished in education are expected to be awardedvarious awards and scholarships.

According to the co-operation, the students- Mammadaslan Guliyev, Khayale Hasanli, Gunay Abbasova whose average  success rates were higher as the results of the winter session were awarded.






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