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Ana səhifə Xəbərlər Martyr's family was invited to AzTU

Martyr's family was invited to AzTU

11.01.2017     353     Arxiv

On January 9, thefamily members of Chingiz Gurbanovwere invited to Azerbaijan Technical Uiversity (AzTU).Chingiz Gurbanov the graduate of AzTU died heroically in the battlewhile preventing enemy attack on December 29, when the reconnaissance group of  Armenian armed forces attempt to violate the state border between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

During the meeting, the Acting Rector of AzTU Khalig Yahudov said that, Chingiz is proud of the University and our students and teachers will never forget him.The Rector noted that, his memorial corner was established in AzTU on the day he was killed and teachers and students visit it every day.

Khalig Yahudov said confidently that positive results will be achieved soon, as the state is negotiating with international organizations for the return of  Chingiz Gurbanov’s body.

The martyr's father, Salman Gurbanov  said that he is being informed regularly on the work done by the Ministry of  Defence, the Red Crescent Society, as well as other state and public organizations for the return of their son’s body.

During the meeting, the relatives of Chingiz Gurbanov were informed about  other alumni of AzTU  who were killed. During the conversation who died heroically during “April battle” 4 university graduates - Abdulmajid Akhundov, Elvin Mirzayev, Mushfig Orujov and Mahir Guliyev have been mentioned and talked about them.



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